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    Soil Vibration and Auralisation Software Tools for Application in Railways
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    Tools for Improvement of passenger comfort and reduction of annoyance to local residents
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    Virtual Reality of different railway traffic scenarios
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    Auralisation and visualisation
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    Mitigation measures for noise and vibration
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    Address noise and vibration issues since the design stage
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    Environmental impact assessment


An important environmental impact of railway systems is represented by the noise and vibration produced by trains passing by. This forms a complex problem, which is difficult to describe in an intuitive and understandable way, and to communicate without the need for specific background in physics and mathematics. The SILVARSTAR project intends to apply state-of-the-art technologies (auralisation and visualisation) to tackle noise and vibration problems and to bring advances in their understanding and mitigation. This will be achieved through two workstreams: Work Stream 1 aims at developing a commonly accepted, practical and validated user-friendly prediction tool for ground vibration impact studies; Work Stream 2 is fully dedicated to the development of an auralisation and visualisation tool, enhancing an existing prototype by integrating recent research results and creating an operational software.



PRESS RELEASE - SILVARSTAR develops soil vibration and auralisation software tools for Railways

SILVARSTAR is a two-year collaborative project under the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (JU) Programme. It aims to provide the railway community with proven software tools and methodologies to assess the noise and vibration environmental impact of railway traffic at a system level. The project brings together a unique consortium of six leading industrial, academic and association partners to ...


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